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The Emporium Spirit Co. 

Est. 2021

We love gin here at The Bottle Bank. After stocking our shelves with delightful bottles sourced from around the world, and naturally sampling our vast gin collection (It’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it!) we felt it was about time we created some gin of our own. 


Ever passionate about sourcing locally produced products, we turned to the wonderful little team at Winding River Distillery in Sandbach, the home of our sister bar The Beer Emporium. Together, we worked tirelessly on the recipe to create three exceptional gins we were proud to label as our own. And so, The Emporium Spirit Co was born in 2021. 


Handmade using traditional alembic copper distillation methods, our ethos of attaining the highest quality products transpired in the production of our gin. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Our Gin

The Raspberry-y One

Sharp juicy raspberry is perfectly followed with the unmistakable earthiness of basil. This gin is exceptionally moreish thanks to the perfect balance of sweet and savory. We believe this gin is really like no other!

The Junipery One

With a refreshing piney nose, this dry gin has lashings of juniper at the start, slowly followed by sweet dark chocolate and citrus notes. This well rounded gin is a staple for the classic G&T, perfectly served with a premium tonic and a slice of lime. It makes an exceptional martini too!

The Lemony One

The Lemony One: Fragrant lemon is followed by a rich, earthy body. This herbaceous gin is perfectly balanced by sweet candied lemon. It’s perfect with a citrussy tonic, or we highly recommend you use a splash in a lemon drizzle cake- tried and tested, trust us!

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